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The Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association works to promote the importance of Sunday School, the Bible and all Christian Education Programs as it offers help and support to all churches and Sunday school and Christian education workers  through a wide array of programs and resources.

The Pennsylvania State Sunday School Assocition is a 
registered 501C3 non-profit, interdenominational organization whose services are available to all churches and individuals without memerships or membership fees.  The primary purposes of the organization are to: (1) promote Sunday school and Christian education and (2) provide education, information, resources and inspiration to Sunday school and Christian education workers!
Our Current Programs...
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Video Message
From P.S.S.S.A.
Executive Director,
Rod Pry, About
The Importance
Of Sunday School!
A National Service of the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Assn.
Are Your Church & Sunday School In Compliance With Pennsylvania's New Child Protective Services Laws?

You'll find information about the PSSSA,
teaching tips, ideas and resources for all teachers
in the church, a new video about the PSSSA, and
much, much more.  Check it out at...

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Workshop on DVD
This is our complete three-hour workshop on witnessing and invitation in video form on three DVDs!   The complete kit is 
JUST $19.95 (plus $5.50 postage).
To order, call 1-800-358-2303!
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The 154th Anniversary
PA State Sunday School

Is Coming To Chambersburg, PA 
NOVEMBER 4th & 5th

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